Install drain-tile from the home to the back of the yard to move the water away from the home.

along with a trench ran to the home for underground power to be added.

New sod for entire yard with a new concrete sidewalk going from the front yard to the back.

Installed a curved, vertical staggered treated retaining wall.

Soil conditioned the backyard to fluffy soil prepping it for new sod. Install large 30” rolls of sod.

Removed a failing retaining wall, stairs and front entry steps. Then replaced by a solid concrete wall, with new stairs and front stoop.

Excavating a trench for new buried utility lines to run out the Minnetonka boathouse.

The cracked foundation was allowing water to get into the basement. We excavated the foundation out at this section of the home, then did a 2 part sealing process. Followed by backfilling the foundation.

Removed the failing wooden walls and stairs. Changed the slope of the front yard. Then redesigned a new solid concrete structural wall and stair setup with an upper patio.

Built new maintenance-free Azek deck with custom handicap ramp and aluminum railings.